Baraka Center

Welcome to Inayatiyya Order in Washington D.C. area

A Sufi Path of Spiritual Liberty

Towards the One, United with All

Classes are for everybody. If you are new to Sufism, we will love to meet you and answer your questions!

Pir Zia has offered a new peace prayer
with a suggestion that it be said daily
in support of peace in the Ukraine and other regions of crisis.  


Toward the One

the Perfection of Love, Harmony, and Beauty

the Only Being

United with all the Illuminated Souls

Who form the Embodiment of the Messenger,

the Spirit of Guidance.

September: Inayatiyya Activities, Mid-Atlantic region Newsletter by Jami Klein.

In the country you see the glory of God; in the city you glorify His name. -Bowl of Saki, Aug 14Hello friends.  We are starting a very full and rich time of Sufi activities on Zoom, especially over the next two months.  There are activities almost every day, sometimes two or even three on the sameContinue reading “September: Inayatiyya Activities, Mid-Atlantic region Newsletter by Jami Klein.”


Rafia Angela Gabriel and Raqib Misha Kogan are Inayatiyya Sufi Order representatives and leaders of Baraka Center

More About Us


We are in Takoma Park, MD but at this time we hold all our events virtually

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