Baraka Center

Welcome to Inayatiyya Order in Washington D.C. area

A Sufi Path of Spiritual Liberty

Towards the One, United with All


Toward the One

the Perfection of Love, Harmony, and Beauty

the Only Being

United with all the Illuminated Souls

Who form the Embodiment of the Messenger,

the Spirit of Guidance.

Let’s celebrate Rumi!

Dear Dervishes! We dedicate our next Tuesday night class on December 15th to celebration of Rumi’s life and poetry. December 17th is a day of Rumi’s passing, which is called by sufis Urs, or a day of Marriage. Bring your favorite Rumi (or other Sufi poets) poem to read during class. Let’s immerse in beautyContinue reading “Let’s celebrate Rumi!”


Rafia Angela Gabriel and Raqib Misha Kogan are Inayatiyya Sufi Order representatives and leaders of Baraka Center

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We are in Takoma Park, MD but at this time we hold all our events virtually

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