Class Message Baraka Center

Dear Ones, last year our class schedule for the Baraka Center was constantly interrupted by weather, holidays and other unavoidable interruptions. Because we now meet bi-weekly there were often long stretches without classes. As Hafiz noted “You know how you get, Dear One, when you have not had your taste of Love.” Our distance from each other was unsettling.

The Farmers Almanac and the IT person where I teach are suggesting that another hard winter is coming. To account for possible interruptions, we will now be having meetings on the Tuesday following the missed class (we will keep you informed). We also will be taking advantage, from time to time, of the months that have 5 Tuesdays allowing us greater opportunity for connection.

This coming Tuesday is the fifth Tuesday of the month and we will have class.  (Tues. September 29, 7:30-9:15)

We will use this time to deepen our connection to each other, the Baraka Center and the Sufi Message of Spiritual Liberty.

We look forward to being together.


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