Letter from Zarifah and Nur Azad

Dearest Friends on the Path,

As many of you may know we have been slowly moving into a new stage of our lives.  Our son Aramique and his family have moved to Costa Rica and we have decided to join them for the winter.  We leave on October 17th and we are very excited for this new adventure. We will now officially step down as the coordinators of The Baraka Center as we begin to make these major life changes.  

We are thrilled to pass the baton to Rafia Farishta Gabriel and Raqib Misha Kogan.  We have been sharing the classes with them this last year and we are so happy that they have accepted this responsibility with the  wholehearted blessings of Pir Zia. We are so fortunate to have these dedicated and competent successors who will take the Baraka Center to the next stage of its evolution. Our dear Jamila Gail Wellock will continue to be the great support for The Baraka Center that she has always been over the years.  We hope all of you who have been a part of this Center will give Rafia and Raqib your full and loving support.

The Baraka Center has been our home, our passion and the expression of our deep dedication to the Sufi Message of spiritual liberty. Zarifah began weekly classes at The Baraka Center in May of 1992 and Nur Azad joined in September 2000.  It has been one of the great gifts of our lives to be a part of such a wonderful and dedicated spiritual community.  The Baraka Center has been an anchor for so many of us and we have all been nurtured by its presence and by all the people that have joined us in embracing the Message. So much has happened here in this house, this Center.  Classes, seminars, gatherings  and hosting Pir Vilayat, Pir Zia, Shahahabuddin, Atum, Aziza, Devi and countless others.  Universal Worships,  celebrations, bike-a-thons, retreats, concerts, parties….so much life, love,  joy and deep purpose. 

We personally can never completely thank The Baraka Center, which includes all of you, for all that we have been given over these many years.  We will of course from time to time be guest teachers as classes continue remotely.  Classes will begin next Tuesday September 15th 2020 and will be held the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month from 7pm-8pm.

With deepest love and gratitude, Zarifah and Nur Azad

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