Suluk Global

from Inayatiyya website:

A very special opportunity for murids worldwide.
Application deadline June 1st. Acceptances sent by June 20th.

As the world is on pause, and the future of gathering in-person uncertain, we are taking an adventurous and clearly guided step and moving Suluk online for a special 2020-2022 class.

Our Suluk Global Online Program will begin in September 2020 and graduate in June 2022. We anticipate accepting 80 students into the program, representing the Inayatiyya’s muridship within four global regions: Oceania (Australia & New Zealand), Middle East & Asia, Europe & North America.

If you are an initiate of the Inayatiyya’s Esoteric School and have ever desired to intensively study the teachings of Hazrat Inayat Khan (1882-1927), this is the time. Since Suluk’s founding in 2003, 477 students have graduated from our two-year course worldwide, with something more than a conventional credential – a greater depth of self and insight into life.

Read more and apply HERE

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