Sunday Class with Pir Zia begins Sept 18th

The Whorl & the World w/ Pir Zia & Friends

Published by Munawir

Munawir Jack Mangold resides in Chevy Chase, Maryland with his lovely wife, Zarifah Kadian. They host the Baraka Center ( a warm environment for experiencing the teachings and atmosphere of Universal Sufism as held by the Sufi Order International. He is one of the coordinating heads of the Kinship Activity of the Sufi Order and finds in that vessel the answer to his highest ideals and the fulfillment of his life's purpose. He is also a psychotherapist in private practice and faculty member in the graduate School of Education at Johns Hopkins University. He loves to ride his various bikes in the company of others. He is not a bike fanatic but aspires to that exalted state.

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