Inayatiyya Featured Programs March-May 2023

The Biography of Hazrat Inayat Khan A six-part course with Pir Zia Sundays, starting April 16, 2 to 3:30 (new time), $48 for the series. Recommended Reading—The Biography of Pir-o-Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan Awakening through the Cosmic Journey Silent retreat with Amida Cary and Jacob Miraj Fri AM, March 24, to Sunday, 1PM On Zoom,Continue reading “Inayatiyya Featured Programs March-May 2023”

Classes in-person resumed in March! Now: hybrid classes.

In March 2023 we started gathering in person in Raqib and Rafi’a’s private clinic space at Foggy Bottom, DC and holding class on Zoom as well at the same time (so called hybrid style). Please check your emails (now sent from for the address and details. Steps from Foggy Bottom Metro, very limited streetContinue reading “Classes in-person resumed in March! Now: hybrid classes.”

September: Inayatiyya Activities, Mid-Atlantic region Newsletter by Jami Klein.

In the country you see the glory of God; in the city you glorify His name. -Bowl of Saki, Aug 14Hello friends.  We are starting a very full and rich time of Sufi activities on Zoom, especially over the next two months.  There are activities almost every day, sometimes two or even three on the sameContinue reading “September: Inayatiyya Activities, Mid-Atlantic region Newsletter by Jami Klein.”

Suluk Global

from Inayatiyya website: SULUK GLOBAL ONLINE PROGRAM A very special opportunity for murids worldwide.Application deadline June 1st. Acceptances sent by June 20th. As the world is on pause, and the future of gathering in-person uncertain, we are taking an adventurous and clearly guided step and moving Suluk online for a special 2020-2022 class. Our Suluk GlobalContinue reading “Suluk Global”