June: Inayatiyya Activities, Mid-Atlantic region Newsletter by Jami Klein.

Warm greetings, everyone, I hope you are well. The huge Mormon Temple outside DC has had an open house for two months. Usually it is only open for members of The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints, but renovations have just been completed, and the Temple has been open until it is reconsecrated. BesidesContinue reading “June: Inayatiyya Activities, Mid-Atlantic region Newsletter by Jami Klein.”

Suluk Global

from Inayatiyya website: SULUK GLOBAL ONLINE PROGRAM A very special opportunity for murids worldwide.Application deadline June 1st. Acceptances sent by June 20th. As the world is on pause, and the future of gathering in-person uncertain, we are taking an adventurous and clearly guided step and moving Suluk online for a special 2020-2022 class. Our Suluk GlobalContinue reading “Suluk Global”