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Topic: Baraka Center Class
Time: Sep 15, 2020 07:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
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Classes 2020:  We are offering classes on zoom until further notice! Stay healthy!

These classes are open to everybody

We will meet the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month, 7pm-8pm Eastern Time

Past announcements

Fall Universal Worship at the Baraka Center 2017

September 17th, 11am Fall Universal Worship 2017

Sohbet and Practice with Rabia Povich and Nur Azad Mangold

Saturday, September 23, 2017, 10am-4pm, in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Making Our Spiritual Path Relevant in the World

The Inner Life an Online Courses with Pir Zia Inayat Khan

This online course is a multipart series on the study the Sufi Message Volumes, beginning with Volume I: The Inner Life.  

For more information visit:

Scheduled classes 2016:
No class December 20th
Beginning the New Year 2017, January 3rd, classes will be held on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month, 7:30-9:00pm.

We will explore the integration of our yearning for Love and Belonging with the reality of living in this world with all of its distractions and difficulties. The focus will be on cultivation of the Mind and how we can make concrete changes in our thoughts, feelings and actions in order to fulfill the purpose of our lives.
We will be using the teachings of Hazrat Inayat Khan, especially Volume IV  Mental Purification and Healing, from the Complete Works of Hazrat Inayat Khan.

On-line texts of the books and papers of Hazrat Inayat Khan are available,

Pir Zia’s very special announcement on New Year’s Day

On the morning of 1 January 2016 as Pir Zia shared a very special announcement with members of our Order.  Pir Zia’s New Year’s Day Greeting and Announcement can be viewed via The Inayati Order website. The broadcast runs approximately 20 minutes.

Pir Zia’s message on New Year’s Day, announcing the new name of our Order, please see:

Wishing you a most wonderful New Year!

Prayer for New Year, by Hazrat Inayat Khan

O Thou who abidest in our hearts,

most Merciful and Compassionate God, Lord of Heaven and Earth,

we forgive others their trespasses and ask Thy forgiveness of our shortcomings.

We begin the New Year with pure heart and clear conscience, with courage and hope.

Help us to fulfil the purpose of our lives under Thy divine guidance.

New Year 2016 Letter from Pir Zia.  Pir Zia writes:Toward the OneOur New NameWe are writing to share with you news of great importance for our community and our work. This is news of a decision that is rooted in both reason and guidance; a decision that, we believe, will clarify the work that is ours to do in the world.As you know, Hazrat Inayat Khan, our Murshid, brought the wisdom of Sufism to the Western world in 1910. He founded The Sufi Order in London in 1918 and The Sufi Movement in Geneva in 1923.The word “Order” was, and remains, the standard English rendering of the Arabic word tariqa, referring to a Sufi path. The word “Movement” was a familiar designation in the early twentieth century for international spiritual organizations.After Murshid’s death, his brothers and cousin successively led The Sufi Movement.  To distinguish his own lineage and circle of mureeds, Murshid’s elder son Pir Vilayat revived the name The Sufi Order in 1968 (later updated as The Sufi Order International).“The Sufi Order” is a nonspecific name: it refers to Sufism in general, but to no one tradition of Sufism in particular. When Murshid established his Order in the West, no other Sufi Orders were active in Western Europe or North America. A more specific name was therefore unnecessary and, in fact, would likely have caused confusion. This was still largely the case in 1968. Today the situation is just the opposite: there are many Sufi Orders in the West-not to mention in Asia, where our Order is also spreading-and a nonspecific name is therefore a source of misunderstandings in the current environment.In the history of Sufism, Orders have traditionally adopted the name of their founder in the decades following the founder’s death. Murshid understandably did not name his Order after himself, but long-established Sufi custom renders it natural and proper for us, who follow in his footsteps, to honor his memory and confirm our allegiance to his spiritual message by taking his name as the rubric of our work.In consideration of these facts, and moved by a deep sense that the time has come, on this first day of the year 2016, we announce that The Sufi Order International will henceforth be known as The Inayati Order. As a fuller designation, the Order will be introduced as The Inayati Order: A Sufi Path of Spiritual Liberty. The name Inayatiyya will be considered a welcome synonym.The Boards of the various national organizations have been informed in advance of this change. The trademark has been obtained, and we have acquired a number of relevant website addresses. It will, of course, still take some time to update all of our documents and printed and electronic materials in various languages throughout the world.In adopting this name, we make no claim of exclusivity in representing Murshid’s Sufi Message of Spiritual Liberty. Indeed, we affirm all lineages, communities, and organizations linked to Murshid through initiation and devotion as our esteemed friends and allies in the Sufi cause.The name Inayat means lovingkindness. May the name of our Order remind us always of this vitally important quality of being as we follow the path of service to God and humanity, amin.Signed:Pir ZiaThe Message Council

Class Announcement October 2015

Dear friends,

During the last months, we have intensely explored the nature of our class schedule for the coming year. While there are many different options available to us, the one that caught our attention most strongly was the awareness of the depth of teaching and personal experience that we shared with Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan. We were privileged to have spent much of our adult life in his company, immersed in his teachings. Pir Zia is currently offering a series of teachings based on information that he found in a folder of Pir Vilayat’s in the Abode archives. His efforts and our own growing awareness of the depth and importance of Pir Vilayat’s teachings have inspired us to offer a series of classes on these teachings.

During the coming year, we will explore 10 major aspects dear to Pir Vilayat’s heart.  Our main source for this will be his book, Awakenings,  which was edited by our friend Pythia Peay, who now lives in Alexandria, Virginia.  The book is easily available and very accessible.  The classes can be enriched by attending Pir Zia’s Thursday night series on Pir Vilayat’s teachings.

Here is an outline of the course material:

October 6 and 20:  Light and illumination

November 3 and 17: Remembrance—the Dhikr

December1 and 15: Attunement to the Masters, Saints and Prophets—exemplars of what we were and can be again.

January 12 (note skip in sequence) and 19: Breath

February 2 and 16:  Awakening to the inner life

March 1, 15, 29:  Mind

April 5 and 19:  Insight / Intuition

May 3, 17, 31: Materialization of spirit and spiritualization of matter

June 7 and 21: Awakening in life

This is a very exciting offering and we are looking forward to having you be there with us.

Much love, Zarifah and Munawir