Join us on the Abode’s mountain for a four-day Sufi Summer School, preceded by a one-day Suluk Reunion that will continue on throughout the rest of camp.

Please see here for our preliminary schedule.

Please see here to sign up for our Suluk Reunion June 25-26, 2020.

Many friends and teachers plan to be with us for this year’s Season of the Rose:

Pir Zia Inayat Khan guiding us through the Voyage of the Spheres

Kainat Felicia Norton leading Ziraat and teaching on Deep Ecologies

Naima Brown deepening our understanding of advanced Esoteric Teachings

Tarana Jobin gathering the new Inayati Musicians’ Guild for musical sharing and attunement

Akbar Miller inviting young adults ages 18-39 for afternoons to be developed collaboratively

Suluk Alumni and Mentors coming together to meet once again in the vibration of Suluk

Inayati Emergent Leaders facilitating conversations relevant to our lives as real people and mystics

Jessica Bromby leading a very affordable Kids Camp for ages 5-12 with teenagers welcome to possibly help as assistants

And with special guests, Cheikh Sufi of the Mouridiyya Order of Sufis and Sheikha Fariha of the Nur Ashki Jerrahis joining us in suhbat and zikr on Saturday and Monday nights, respectively, together with many friends and dervishes, God willing!

There will also be yoga, dreamwork, nature meditations, sama, zikr, suhbat, and chai throughout the our very special Sufi Summer Camp. If you have a desire to be back with your people, please come! If you are new and have questions, please call us! All are welcome!

Questions? Please reach out to Josh, our Front Desk Manager, at the Astana in Richmond, Virginia: or 518-794-7834.

Limited partial scholarships and work exchange opportunities are available by request. Please ask Josh about options. Ask early if you need a little help coming to this year’s Season of the Rose.



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