October News Letter from Jami Klein. All classes and activities on one list with links!

Hello friends.  I hope you are well.

My mood recently has been swinging wildly between being optimistic and pessimistic about the future.  The optimism comes from believing that net year’s elections will put pressure on all the extreme elements to seek support from the middle. The key question may become, which group or party seems less crazy?

The pessimism comes from our country–and many western countries–being so bitterly divided.  How are we going to make progress on any of our serious problems?  How will the world, with so many conflicts, learn to cooperate in dealing with problems that are worldwide in scope?

I’ve recently developed a new attitude.  In looking at extreme views, I try to find “a method to their madness.” (From Hamlet, you know.)  Often important principles and ideals can be found as the basis of those views, and can be recognized if you look for them.  It’s like looking for “blessings in disguise,” which of course are often very well disguised. 

 Or like looking for the divine impulse behind an action when the impulse has become quite distorted.

Most useful are the teachings of the Universal Worship, where we try to accept all religions, appreciate and learn from their differences, and discover the Unity behind the Diversity.

Such an attitude helps with races, nationalities, cultures and political differences.  It begins with respect, the first principle of Kinship, not the kind of respect that needs to be earned, but the kind that is due to every person, regardless of circumstances.

     “This ideal of brotherhood develops, taking different forms. In the first stage the mystic becomes respectful to all beings, both to the saint and to the sinner, to the wise and to the foolish.”  -Vol. XI, Part III: Mysticism, Brotherhood.

Murshid often emphasized respect between religions, but it applies as well to East and West, to various cultures and races and ethnic groups, and could apply to various factions within a society.  These divisions are probably not going away any time soon.

     “This religious channel which is Sufism exists in order to avoid greater catastrophes, and to gather together the followers of different religions in the understanding of the one truth behind them, so that they may hold in respect all the teachers of humanity who have given their lives in the service of truth.”  -The Universal Worship, in Vol. IX

From the Universal Worship we’ve learned to appreciate, and learn from, the teachings of many different religions.  That’s even helped us understand the traditions in which we were raised.  I call this “cultural appreciation,” similar to art appreciation or music appreciation, and it can be applied to any kind of cultural differences.

Perhaps this  tolerance, this multi-culturalism, is just a Western value that we are trying to impose on other cultures.  If so, enormous contributions have also come from Murshid, Ghandi, Mendela, and Martin Luther Kind.  Maybe it’s a universal value.

     “The work of the Sufi message is to spread the unity of religion. It is not a mission to promote a particular creed or any Church or religion. It is a work to unite the followers of different religions and faiths in wisdom, so that without having to give up their own religion they may strengthen their own faith and focus the true light upon it. In this way a greater trust, a greater confidence, will be established in mankind.” -Vol. IX

My hope is that such a spirit of unity, and of appreciation of differences, can allow us to address the problems of our planet.

With love and blessings, JamiOct. Offerings on Zoom
Many events are listed right on the home page of inayatiyya.org  For viewing the monthly calendar choose “Programs” and then “Digital Programs Calendar.”  For the list view, of each item one by one, choose “Programs” and then “Program Details.”  For videos of earlier classes go to “Digital” and then “Vimeo.”  For videos of Taj and Gayan look at newrain.info/resources and then “weekly attunements.”

With so many offerings it’s hard to choose. Please pay special attention to the weekly talks on the Nature Meditations by Pir Zia, and on his retreats and other activities.  Also notice that several major teachers are offering classes that have four or six sessions.  Many classes are recorded in case you miss one or want to repeat a meditation or significant part.

 Inayatiyya Featured Programs (on the Inayatiyya home page) Nature Meditations Hazrat Inayat Khan’s Ensouled CosmologyWith Pir Zia,  Every Sunday @ 3 PM, Free Inayatiyya Healing Retreat 2021Oct. 14 to 15 for Shafayats (leaders)Oct. 16 to 17 for everyone
$85 for 2 days, $150 for 4 daysLove Human and DivineRetreat with Pir ZiaHosted by Inayatiyya UKNov. 20 & 21, 6 AM to 12:30 PM EST, cost £150 Introduction to the Inayatiyya Inner School:The Quest for Meaningfulness
A four-part series starting Sat, Oct. 2, 1 to 3 pm EST
every few weeks, various teachers, $60 for the whole seriesZikr: Remembrance of the One
A six -part series starting Tues, Oct. 5, and weekly, 11 AM to 12:30
With Naima, Yaqin, and Nizam Un Nisa; $50 for the whole series
  Other Activities, from the Programs Page and Online Calendar Sufi Healing Service for the World
Wed, Oct. 6, and every Wed at noon, free

New Rain Attunement with Taj & Gayan 
Thurs, Oct. 7, and every Thurs. 12 to 12:30 pm, free
newrain.info/resourcesZiraat-The Altar: Elemental Symbols2nd Fridays, including Oct 8, 3 to 4:30, with Wali Via, FreeLight upon a Light: The Way of IlluminationAn exploration of Pir Vilayat’s teachings on light, with Amida and Yaqin
on zoom, hosted by the Pir Vilayat Center at the Abode
Sat, Oct. 9,10 AM to 5 PM, $50

Essential Healing Practices
A monthly series, most often on third Sat, though including Sat, Oct. 9, 3 to 4:30Various teachers, FreeKinship Circle: The Intersection of Love and Justice
Fri, Oct. 15, 3-4:30 PM, free
 Friendship: A Two-Part Series w/ Gayan Macher“Human Friendship” on Sat, Oct 23″Friend of God” on Sat, Nov. 13
12 to 7 PM, FreeKinship Tea
Sat, Oct. 23, 12 to 1:15 PM

Zikr with Zuleikha
Monthly on fourth Sun, including Oct. 24 @ 1:30

That Which Transpires behind That Which AppearsRetreat practices of Pir Vilayat, led by DeviSat, Oct 30 from 12 to 3; $50Gleaning the Harvest: An Autumn Retreat
Three days, led by Amida Cary
Thurs, Nov. 11 to Sat, Nov. 13. 11 AM to 7:15 pm daily, $150 to $225 slidingA Retreat on Death and Deathlessness
With Taj Inayat
Tues eve, Nov. 16, to Sun. noon, Nov. 21; 12 to 8:30 PM EST daily
$350 to $595 sliding, newrain.info or tajretreats@sonic.net
 Other major events and resources: 1. New Rain Online, a monthly class with Taj and Gayan  on Saturdays.  If you join the class you get hints twice a week and also access to the last five years of classes, so you could do extra sessions.  Cost is $29 a month.  Newrain.info 2. Opening Your Presence, a Series of Zoom classes by Azar Baksh & Ravani Rah Weiner
Second Thursdays including Oct. 14, 8-9:30 ET
One hour of presentation, and 30 minutes of group sharing; free. Info and register, contact Azar Baksh – azarbaksh@aol.com 3. Social Justice Book GroupA Kinship activity, discussing How to Be an Antiracist, by Ibram X. KendiSix sessions biweekly, starting Wed, Oct. 6, 7-8:30 PMInfo or register at kinship@inayatiyya.org by Sept. 27 4Himayat has weekly online meditations (free) and also three month long online courses on Sufi subjects.  The weekly meditations are recorded audio and available all week and beyond.  Universal-awakening.org and then go to “The Meeting Place” for the weekly meditations or to “Online Classes” for the courses. The current class began in Sept. and the theme is Divine Intimacy (Uns).  5. The Ruhaniat offers various recorded courses online.  See Ruhaniat.org  Here are a few of them:~~Pir Shabda: “The Mystical Power of Sufi Breathwork, Mantra and Sacred Sound”~~Murshid Wali Ali: “God is Breath” Series”A Journey Through the Ninety-Nine Names of Allah,” using the bookPhysicians of the Heart. 6. Sufi Message Classes from the Sufi Movement USA, monthly for 1 and half hours, by Murshida Nuria Sabato in Florida. sufi-message.org 7.The Message Volumes of Hazrat Inayat Khan are all online, and searchable.  See www.wahiduddin.net and go to Spiritual Message of Hazrat Inayat Khan.  At this site you can also sign up to receive wonderful daily quotes from the Bowl of Saki, emailed with helpful longer quotes. 8Audio recordings of Pir Vilayat are available for streaming for free at www.pirvilayatlegacy.net    An easy way to hear some of his very best talks and meditations, and nicely organized.  Other recordings are on pirvilayatcenter.org and those include transcripts to read as you listen.  9. Retreats and classes by other Sufi and related teachers:a) Talks by Shahabuddin are available for free on Livestream (search for Rising Tide International).   b) Joy of Movement – ongoing weekly classes with Zuleikha Storydancer, zuleikha.com10. YouTube has many talks, including talks by Pir Zia and meditations by Pir Vilayat.
Local Calendar  [Note: For all the national events, more information can be found on the inayatiyya.orgweb site, using the digital calendar.] Sun, Oct. 3 –[Zoom fromTakoma Park] Sunday Healing Service at 10:30 and Universal Worship Service at 11 AM. https://us02web.zoom.us/j/7612262808  barakacenterdc.org  gwellock@verizon.net Sun, Oct. 3 – [Silver Spring live & on Zoom] Deep Listening Circle: Music, Poetry, Meditation.  On zoom and also in person!  If you are vaccinated and healthy: “Welcome! You are invited to come – in person – to the OneCircle Center at 3804 Littleton Street, Silver Spring, MD for our Deep Listening Circle.  We will be happy to see all of you!  11 AM to about 12 noon.        We have been gathering in our circle every single month since 1996 and each month we respond to a theme.  The theme for October is ‘Heart of Service.’  Please take the opportunity to be an active part in the Circle and contribute a creative offering based on our theme.”   -Love, Stream Ohrstrom, Tania Gerich, Gloria Kozel. 1onecircle1@gmail.com facebook.com/onecircle  Go to Facebook for zoom link.       Popular OneCircle House Concerts (begun in 2004) are back!!  You are invited to an in-person concert with world class musicians Ronn McFarlane (lute) & Carolyn Surrick (viola da gamba).  Sat, Oct. 16 at 7:30 PM.   www.RonnMcFarlane.com Sun, Oct. 3 –  [Zoom from RVA] Sufi Teachings class with Pir Zia at 3-4:30.  These weekly classes are key teachings, not to be missed, and are a great way to keep up with Bawa’s latest teachings.  This week continues six months on Nature Meditations: Hazrat Inayat Khan’s Ensouled Cosmology.  See Inayatiyya Home page.  These talks are free, and stay online to be available afterwards.To the eye of the seer every leaf of the tree is a page of the holy book that contains divine revelation. – Hazrat Inayat Khan  Mon, Oct. 4 – [DC area and onlineClass at the Baraka Center in Takoma Park, MD, 7 – 8 pm, every 1st and 3rd Mon.  Led by Raqib and Rafia.  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/7612262808  barakacenterdc.org  gwellock@verizon.net or Baraka Center DC on Facebook or Thurs, Oct. 7 – [Baltimore and Zoom] – Ziraat and Healing Class, 7 PM, first Thurs of the month. mumtaz.kammerer@yahoo.com Thurs, Oct. 7 – Weekly attunement with Taj and Gayan at noon for half an hour.  Every Thursday, free.  See Home page or newrain.info/resources Thurs, Oct. 7 –  [Charlottesville and online] Universal Sufism: Explore the Spiritual Path of the Heart.  Every Thurs at 7:00 to 8:30 pm.  This semester topics are from the Gatha series on the subject of Metaphysics (Tassawuf).  rabiapovich@gmail.com Sun, Oct. 10 – [Balt and online] Universal Worship in Baltimore, on zoom Monthly on the 2nd Sunday, 11 am.  The theme for Oct. is Peace.  Celebrate the world’s religious traditions in a beautiful worship service.   mumtaz.kammerer@yahoo.com   

Sun, Oct. 10 –  [RVA and Zoom] Sufi Teachings class with Pir Zia at 3-4:30 weekly. Preceded by Sama at 1:30.

Sun, Oct. 10 – [DC and Zoom] Dhikr in the lineage of the Nur-Ashki Jerrahi.  8-9 PM. Also on Oct. 24 (2nd and 4th Sundays).   ellen.wertheimer@gmail.com   

Fri, Oct. 15 – Kinship Circle: The Intersection of Love and Justice, with Omid Safi.  3-4:30 PM. kinship@inayatiyya.org See Web site.

Sun, Oct. 17 –  [RVA and Zoom] Sufi Teachings class with Pir Zia at 3-4:30. Preceded by Inayatiyya Global Meditations at 1:30.
 Fri, Oct. 22 – Inayatiyya Virtual Khanqah, monthly, 2-3:30 PM Sat, Oct. 23 – Kinship Tea.  “All are welcome to this offering, an opportunity to meet and commune with each other, and to enhance camaraderie within the wider community. Bring your tea or coffee and connect.”  12 to 1:15 PM on Zoom.   kinship@inayatiyya.org  See Web site. Sun, Oct. 24 – Zikr with Zuleikha at 1:30.  4th Sundays. Sun, Oct. 24 –  [RVA and Zoom] Sufi Teachings class with Pir Zia at 3-4:30 weekly. Preceded by Zikr with Zuleikha at 1:30. Sat, Oct. 30 – That which transpires behind that which appears.  Retreat practices of Pir Vilayat, led by Devi.  “Boundless States, Planes of Being, Stages of Samadhi, Working with Light.” 12 to 3; $50 Sun, Oct. 31 –  [RVA and Zoom] Sufi Teachings class with Pir Zia at 3-4:30 weekly.  Future   Individual Transformational Retreats Available –  [Charlottesville] “The corona virus has invited us to spend more time alone. Have you taken time to be alone with the Alone?  When we take time and create an intention for a retreat, we are invited to release the stress and weight of our worldly interactions, move at our own pace, and delve deeply into our inner life. Retreats from 2 – 6 days available in comfortable private space. Contact Rabia Povich, certified Inayatiyya retreat guide, for more information.”  Rabiapovich@gmail.com
Mon, Nov. 1 – [DC area and onlineClass at the Baraka Center in Takoma Park, MD, 7 – 8 pm, every 1st and 3rd Mon.   Led by Raqib and Rafia.  For more details: Jamila  gwellock@verizon.net  or see Baraka Center DC on Facebook.
 Sun, Nov. 7 – [DC, Zoom] Deep Listening Circle: Music, Poetry, Meditation.  Interactive in person/Zoom event at 11 AM.  1onecircle1@gmail.com   See Oct. 3, above. Sun, Nov. 7 –  [RVA and Zoom] Sufi Teachings class with Pir Zia at 3-4:30.  Thurs to Sat, Nov. 11 to 13 – [Zoom] Gleaning the Harvest: An Autumn Retreat.  Three days, led by Amida Cary, 11 AM to 7:15 pm daily, $150 to $225 sliding. Nov. 20 & 21 – Love Human and Divine.  Retreat with Pir Zia, hosted by Inayatiyya UK.  6 AM to 12:30 PM EST, cost £150
 Regular Classes
   Takoma Park, MD – The Baraka Center. Classes are held online 1st and 3rd Mondays, 7-8 PM on Zoom.  Classes explore the Sufi teachings of Hazrat Inayat Khan, Pir Vilayat Khan, and the current teachings of Pir Zia Inayat Khan. Led by Raqib and Rafia.  For more details: Jamila, gwellock@verizon.net or see Baraka Center DC in Facebook.     BaltimoreUniversal Worship, 2nd Sun, 11 AM on Zoom. Ziraat and Spiritual Healing class, 1st Thurs, 7 PM. mumtaz.kammerer@yahoo.com       Charlottesville, VA: Blue Ridge Sufi Communityrabiapovich@gmail.com or ron.povich@gmail.comUniversal Sufism, every Thurs 7-8:30, on zoom.Individual retreats offered, see Nov. 1 above, contact Rabia 
   Philadelphia: Sufi Order of the Greater Delaware Valley 
Sufi Teachings, a class on Zoom with Telema, every Sun. at 7 pmtelema@verizon.net
   Richmond: The Astana, astana@inayatiyya.org, 518-794-7834, Headquarters of the Inayatiyya.    ~Sufi Teachings, every Sun. at 3, with Pir Zia    ~2nd Sun. Sema, with Zikr and music, at 1:30
    ~Weekly Sufi Healing Service for the World, Wed. at noon    ~Kinship Third Friday Gatherings,  3 to 4:30 PM.      ~Haywanat, Monthly Young Adults gathering, third Fri. at 3. See inayatiyya.org ~ programs ~ digital programs calendar, or on the Home page. 
   Address of The AstanaHeadquarters of the Inayatiyya: 112 E. Cary St., Richmond, VA 23219, 518-794-7834
    astana@inayatiyya.org   www.inayatiyya.org    

Tuesday class offering is changed to Monday class!

Dear friends,

We have to reschedule our bi-weekly free classes from Tuesdays to Mondays due to changes in Raqib’s hospital schedule. We hope we will see on on 1st and 3rd Mondays of the each month! Time remains same: 7-8pm. Drop ins are welcome!

Classes are still held on Zoom. Here is our Zoom link (permanent).

February 5t: Hazrat Pir-o-Murshid’s 94th Urs

On this, our most sacred day of the year, we will celebrate life and spiritual legacy of our beloved Murshid, Hazrat Inayat Khan (1882-1927). We dedicate our Baraka class on Tuesday, February 2nd to Murshid’s Urs. Join in remembering his life, Zikr and poetry.

If you are interested in reading about Murshid’s life, visit this link:

Let’s celebrate Rumi!

Dear Dervishes!

We dedicate our next Tuesday night class on December 15th to celebration of Rumi’s life and poetry. December 17th is a day of Rumi’s passing, which is called by sufis Urs, or a day of Marriage.

Bring your favorite Rumi (or other Sufi poets) poem to read during class. Let’s immerse in beauty and ecstasy!

Suluk Global

from Inayatiyya website:

A very special opportunity for murids worldwide.
Application deadline June 1st. Acceptances sent by June 20th.

As the world is on pause, and the future of gathering in-person uncertain, we are taking an adventurous and clearly guided step and moving Suluk online for a special 2020-2022 class.

Our Suluk Global Online Program will begin in September 2020 and graduate in June 2022. We anticipate accepting 80 students into the program, representing the Inayatiyya’s muridship within four global regions: Oceania (Australia & New Zealand), Middle East & Asia, Europe & North America.

If you are an initiate of the Inayatiyya’s Esoteric School and have ever desired to intensively study the teachings of Hazrat Inayat Khan (1882-1927), this is the time. Since Suluk’s founding in 2003, 477 students have graduated from our two-year course worldwide, with something more than a conventional credential – a greater depth of self and insight into life.

Read more and apply HERE

“…we intended to be known as the Inayatiyya..”

Latest news from Pir Zia and Astana:

Dear Companions on the Path,

As the virus continues its worldwide migration, each day brings news of another friend becoming ill. The poignancy of our interconnectedness has perhaps never been so palpable. We live in each other. May our healing prayers reach one another across land and sea. May our hearts fly to each other over hill and dale. May this ordeal only deepen our solidarity and our determination to pour our breath into the breeze of compassion that blows through everything.

Inayatiyya - A Sufi Path of Spiritual Liberty

In Arabic, the word for loving-kindness is ‘inaya. A few years ago, we transitioned from the name The Sufi Order to The Inayati Order. In doing so, we honored our founder Hazrat Inayat Khan and affirmed the ideal of loving-kindness as our core aspiration. At the time, we made it clear that we intended to be known equally as the Inayatiyya, and that we would eventually move entirely to that name.

Discussions in recent days between the International Board, the boards of various countries, the Message Council, the Astana, and myself have culminated in the agreement that now is the time to conclusively take up the name the Inayatiyya. In doing so, we are reaffirming Murshid’s original vision, which envisions the Order (also known as the Esoteric School) as one of several Activities collectively united within a single Movement dedicated to the service of God and humanity through work of various kinds. Our work contains an initiatic order (or tariqa), but contains other modes of participation and service as well.

Murshid seeded seven Activities. Five remained active through the twentieth century: the Esoteric School (i.e., the Order), Kinship, Universal Worship, Healing, and Ziraat. The sixth, The Knighthood of Purity, was revived and given full form in 2010. As we now adopt the name the Inayatiyya, there is timeliness in at last recognizing the proto-Activity Music as the seventh and final Activity of our Movement.

Murshid’s murshid blessed him saying, “Fare forth into the world, my child, and harmonize the East and the West with the harmony of your music. Spread the wisdom of Sufism abroad, for to this end art thou gifted by Allah, the most merciful and compassionate.” As his work advanced in Europe, Murshid appointed “Musical Representatives.” Following his father, Pir Vilayat gave great attention to music as a spiritual art. Today there are many capable and inspiring musicians among us. An effort is underway to revive the songs of the Gayanshala and the hymns of Shaikh-ul-Mashaik Maheboob Khan. There is an opportunity to intentionally sustain and transmit our canon of sacred songs and to infuse elevated music into all of our gatherings.

It gives me great pleasure, now, to introduce to you the pioneer Vice Presidents of Music in the Inayatiyya, for North America and Europe respectively: Tarana Sara Jobin and Ophiel van Leer. Please join me in giving a hearty welcome to these inspiring musical trailblazers as they enter their new roles. Tarana and Ophiel are working closely with the Inayati Musicians Guild, and all musicians in our Movement are warmly encouraged to join this collaborative fellowship. The Guild meets regularly at the Astana and online for practice sessions, or meshk.

Dear friends, in this strange time in which we find ourselves, I hope you are well. I send out prayers toward you every day. I feel your prayers, in turn, and I am grateful for them.

Yours ever,

Pir Zia 

Letter from Zarifah and Nur Azad

Dearest Friends on the Path,

As many of you may know we have been slowly moving into a new stage of our lives.  Our son Aramique and his family have moved to Costa Rica and we have decided to join them for the winter.  We leave on October 17th and we are very excited for this new adventure. We will now officially step down as the coordinators of The Baraka Center as we begin to make these major life changes.  

We are thrilled to pass the baton to Rafia Farishta Gabriel and Raqib Misha Kogan.  We have been sharing the classes with them this last year and we are so happy that they have accepted this responsibility with the  wholehearted blessings of Pir Zia. We are so fortunate to have these dedicated and competent successors who will take the Baraka Center to the next stage of its evolution. Our dear Jamila Gail Wellock will continue to be the great support for The Baraka Center that she has always been over the years.  We hope all of you who have been a part of this Center will give Rafia and Raqib your full and loving support.

The Baraka Center has been our home, our passion and the expression of our deep dedication to the Sufi Message of spiritual liberty. Zarifah began weekly classes at The Baraka Center in May of 1992 and Nur Azad joined in September 2000.  It has been one of the great gifts of our lives to be a part of such a wonderful and dedicated spiritual community.  The Baraka Center has been an anchor for so many of us and we have all been nurtured by its presence and by all the people that have joined us in embracing the Message. So much has happened here in this house, this Center.  Classes, seminars, gatherings  and hosting Pir Vilayat, Pir Zia, Shahahabuddin, Atum, Aziza, Devi and countless others.  Universal Worships,  celebrations, bike-a-thons, retreats, concerts, parties….so much life, love,  joy and deep purpose. 

We personally can never completely thank The Baraka Center, which includes all of you, for all that we have been given over these many years.  We will of course from time to time be guest teachers as classes continue remotely.  Classes will begin next Tuesday September 15th 2020 and will be held the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month from 7pm-8pm.

With deepest love and gratitude, Zarifah and Nur Azad

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