Hazrat Inayat Khan

Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan and

Pir Zia Inayat Khan

Truth and Plurality

When we survey the dazzling gamut of religious traditions and apply the metric of veracity, three distinct possibilities emerge:

  1. One religion is true and the rest are false.
  2. All religions are false.
  3. All religions are true.

Let’s consider each in turn.

Perhaps one religion exclusively enjoys the felicity of divine sanction. Which then is this One True Faith? No orthodoxy is slow to press its claim. And every institution constructs its truth on the rubble of its rivals’ error. If my creed is God-sent, yours must be the work of a bedeviled impostor. Whence proceeds a procession of oppositions: Hindu vs. mlench, Jew vs. gentile, Christian vs. pagan, Muslim vs. infidel. And the rivers of blood, shed for God, engorge the earth.

Perhaps all are false. Perhaps, as Nietzsche wrote, “Pure spirit is pure lie.” If nothing is sacred the rules of the game change completely. In a ‘disenchanted’ world there is nothing to aspire to, no Immortal Beloved, no higher calling than unimaginative self-gratification. Cosmology forsaken, nature becomes a commodity, no more. Machines are the new measure of man.

Or, just maybe, all are true. Can this be? Can what is different be the same? Paradox! But perhaps such is life. Look into the cells of a living organism. In each and every nucleus is a complete genome—every part contains, in code, the whole! Yet each cell is different, physiology is complex. DNA is transcribed into RNA and translated into proteins. Thus the one is customized in the many. And conversely, cells cohere as tissues, tissues as organs, organs as systems, and systems as a single body. Might it be, then, that every religion holds in its inner core the whole of the Truth, and expresses that Truth in a particular form that contributes organically to the one body that is the sacred experience of all humanity?

Which possibility speaks to you?

Pir Zia Inayat Khan



The Inayati Order: A Sufi Path of Spiritual Liberty: Home page of the Order of which the Baraka Center is an official center. This order was founded by Hazrat Inayat Khan, who brought Sufism from India to the West in the early 1900’s. Tracing its origins within the Chisti tradition, the Order emerges out of a living stream of Divine guidance, passed from teacher to student for over 1300 years.

The Sufi Healing Order offers a healing service and group prayer circles.

Dances of Universal Peace are simple, participatory dances that use simple music, lyrics, and movements to touch the spiritual essence within ourselves and others.

Kinship Activity:  Sacred service is common to most traditions of Sufism, and the Kinship Activity is the vehicle through which the innate desire to be of service to humanity finds its expression.  The Kinship Activity is comprised of four basic areas of responsibility that roughly correspond to the basic venues of human involvement.  The first is relationship with self and intimate others (family, partners, close friends).  The second focuses on immediate community and other forms of community such as the The Inayati Order.  The third focuses on regional or national concerns, while the fourth is concerned with global awareness and consciousness. 

The Center offers special seminars focusing on the skills and attitudes of friendship and conscious relationship.  The Center also engages in supportive activities to parts of the larger organization.  The last few years, we hosted a series of particularly successful “Bike-a-thons”, in which members pledged to bike between five and fifty miles and collected donations.  Over the years, we have raised over $4000 but more importantly had a wonderful time and managed to get in more than a little exercise.  The money has been earmarked to support on going projects at the central location of The Inayati Order, The Abode of the Message outside of Albany, New York.  Stay in touch with this site for news of more of these fun and useful events.

Pir Zia’s website, containing information on the spiritual leader of The Inayati Order, a mystical fellowship rooted in the visionary legacy of his grandfather, Hazrat Inayat Khan, and his father, Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan.

Seven Pillars House of Wisdom.

Seven Pillars exists to support the advancement of wisdom in the global culture.  By wisdom is meant knowledge that is rooted in the experience of the heart.  This is knowledge that recognizes the universe as the living expression of a sacred unity.

Searchable texts of Hazrat Inayat Khan
who brought a timeless message of Love, Harmony and Beauty to the Western world in the early 1900’s, a message which helps us to become acutely aware of the divinity within. One can also subscribe to the Bowl of Saki, which offers daily inspirational messages via email from the Inayat Khan’s talks.